Mr. Baker was established in Bangladesh in early 2001, with the help of a leading manufacturer of confectionery and bakery products in Belgium, whose ready-made mixes and ideas were used by Mr.Baker. Right from the inception of Mr.Baker, the policy of the company has been very simple and consistent, in delivering high-quality products and maintaining them. Using high-quality raw material and frequent visits by international chefs from Europe does this. Mr. Baker is one of the top brands in Dhaka with 19 branches and all cakes are available for same-day and urgent delivery.

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Mr. Baker is one of the biggest and most successful Bakery, Fast Food & Sweet’s Company of Bangladesh who made their success through their honesty, best service and best quality

The history of this company actually originates from Harworth, England from the 1870s, where Mr James R. Feather ran a grocery shop in the small town, which also evolved into a popular bakery. He was a charismatic person who was also a close family friend of the famous Bronte family of the UK The basic passion for serving good food and new innovative recipes became embedded into the family of Mr Feather as they carried on the family’s traditional business, and it is his grandson, Douglas J A Cooper, who decided to implant those values into starting a food business in Bangladesh, a land he came to love, while serving in this region during the 2nd World War as part of the British Army, in the Gurkha and the Burma Star regiment to be precise.

He was initially based in Assam and fell in love with the tea gardens and after the war, decided to settle in then East Bengal. Having inherited that great passion for food, Mr D J A Cooper got into different phases of food business across the 1950s, 60s and lived and worked across many districts of what was then East Pakistan and what then eventually became Bangladesh.

Finally he, with his Bangladeshi wife Sufia Cooper who he married also as an expression of his undying love for the country, expanded the bakery business of his ancestors in England to Dhaka in 1984, under the name of Sorrento, which was later converted to Coopers, adopting the family name, in 1986, a name which has been prominent in British history since the 16th century.

What started in Bangladesh with just 1 small outlet and a factory, implementing the idea of a British bakery and setting the standards at par with UK, soon became a bustling business with outlets sprouting up all over the city with the passing years.

Soon the holding company of Gweebarra Limited was created to own and manage the Coopers Bakery outlets and all the other sister concerns, the corporate sales and other affiliated enterprizes and the business was expanded further under the able leadership of the sons of Mr D JA Cooper, the eldest being Mr John Cooper and the younger son Mr Simon Cooper. The team now includes experienced award winning HR Professionals and Management experts, designers, international chefs and quality experts and a few hundred eager and enthusiastic staff across all outlets, factories and offices.

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