Life is better when we eat together. Share your food with your love & spread love. Come & grab our signature dishes & fill your tummy!? Only Take Way Available. any inquiry please call:01904-410726 House – 6, Road – 4, Block – E, Banasree, Rampura 1219 Dhaka, Dhaka Division, Bangladesh May be an image of drink

The Manhattan FISH MARKET, specialist in lip-smacking American style seafood ~ Delighting your taste buds with a sea of the freshest catch!

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At The Manhattan FISH MARKET, our guests are treated and served by our friendly staff at our award winning casual restaurants to a smorgasbord of an all American-style seafood comprising lip-smacking dishes from the famous Manhattan Fish n’ Chips to the all time favourite Garlic Herb Mussels and the grand delight of the Manhattan Flaming Seafood Platter to indulge all fans of seafood.

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