Blue MarineSt. Martins Island-Bangladesh,

A Picturesque pearl island in the Middle of blue marine Bay of Bengal. This heavenly and peaceful marine island and the only coral island of Bangladesh. Its sandy beach and blue water along with coral reef barrier surrounding, makes it one of the undiscovered hidden dream holiday location in the world.

This island has only 14 sq. km land mass. Its maximum length is 6.5 km and maximum width is 2.5 km. Island population consists of small fishing village community of 7500.

Coral Island of Saint Martins is located at the mouth of river Naf in Bay of Bengal. It is the most southern point in Bangladesh, located at the end of world’s longest unbroken 200 km long sandy beach.

HistoryThough St. Martins Island was formed through million years of coral formation during mayasin period, but its human history is not very old. Though nobody surely can say as there is no record, but it is known that the first Arab sailors use to call it Gingir meaning Resting Places on their long journey to and from Chittagong port.

Around 1890 only 13 fisherman’s family of Bengali and Burmese origin started to settle in the island. They started to call the island Gingira in their local dialect. Later as island was planted with so many green coconut trees, fisher-man started to call it Narikel Gingira meaning Coconut Gingira. Early 1900 when British land surveyer went to survey the island as a part of the British Empire. He named it saint Martin Island in his survey. Since then it is known as Saint Martin Island.

Hotel Blue MarineEnjoying a prime location near the jetty bay, Overlooking the Bay of Bengal (5 yards from the Bay water) and sitting in the laps of green coconut trees, Blue Marine Resort offers deluxe accommodation in 34 well furnished guest rooms and suites with individual balcony and 2 cottages.

The panoramic view of the blue Ocean, fishing boats at the harbor, in distance far after the ocean water, ranges of majestic mountain of Myanmar looking like a cloud and behind natural beauty of the green rows of coconut trees lies Blue marine Resort at the heart of St. Martin Island. This largest and most deluxe accommodation of the island brings most modern furnished and comfortable rooms at one of the most remotes place on earth. Hotel has restaurant facility. You will find mouth watering fresh sea fish, lobster and other delicacies at the restaurant. Islands only Bazar (Market) is a stone throw distance of a stone throw away from the hotel

Saint Martin Office:

Delpara, Narikel Zingira

Saint Martin, Bangladesh

Cell: 01713399250-2, Cell: 01817060065

Dhaka Office:

Lal Bhaban, 18 Rajuk Avenue,

Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh

PH: 9556251, Cell: 01713399000-1

E-Mail: [email protected]

Chittagong Office:

1217/A D.T Road, Dhanila Para, Chittagong

Ph: 031-712708, Cell: 01713399154.

Teknaf Office:

Marine Fish Processing Ltd.

Hechar khal, Naithang Para Teknaf,

Ph: 03426-75073

Cell: 01713399256

Cox’s Bazar Office:

Parjatan Zinuk Market: 1st floor, Shop No-20,

Laboni Beach Point, Coxs Bazar.

Mob: 01713399253


The Royal Tulip Cox’s Bazar provides two swimming pools, one exclusively for ladies. The resort boasts of a plethora of indoor & outdoor activities for both adults and kids which include an internationally acclaimed water park, tennis & badminton courts, 3D movie hall, billiards, amphitheater, a luxurious spa and a well-appointed gym.

The Royal Tulip Cox’s Bazar also offers a stunning range of Banqueting & Conferencing options for all your needs. Our selection of restaurants and bars will leave you spoilt for choice with 5 specialty restaurants, a multi-cuisine all day dining with indoor & alfresco seating, 2 well-stocked bars & lounge, an ice cream parlor and a juice bar.


Contact & Get in touch

Resort Office

Jaliapalong, Inani, Ukhia,

Cox’s Bazar 4750, Bangladesh.



For Reservations:

Email: [email protected]

+8801844016001, +8801970660066, +8801887660066

Corporate Office

UTC Tower (Level 14), 8 Panthapath

Dhaka 1215, Bangladesh.

+88 02 9140453-4


+88 02 9140616

Chittagong Sales Office

553, A.S Tower, 7th Floor, Probortok Circle

Chittagong, Bangladesh.

+88 01844016011

About Us

Grand Selim Resort & Tour

GRAND SALIM RESORT & TOUR (GSRT) is multi-storied beautiful looked building located at Ramnagar Monipuripara (a tribal village of Srimangal) only one Kilometer distance covered from Srimnagal town of Moulvibazar District. The resort is located straight to the south of Srimangal adjacent to Finlay Tea Garden which is called Phulcherra Tea Estate. The charming beauty of Monipuri tribes attracts the tourist easily. The Lauacherra National Park far away about 2-3 Kilometers from the site. Bangladesh Tea Research Institute- BTRI just one Kilometer distance from GSRT. It is situated surrounded of GSRT. Tourist will enjoy the beauty of nature from its top roof. Hence, it will be a beautiful nature picturesque place characterized by road & rail communications.

Our trained staff are always ready to meet up the guest’s requirements in Grand Selim Resort & Tour with the best of our efforts and hospitality.



Novem Ecoresort is located in the tea capital Sreemangal, one of the closest destinations to experience the tropical paradise of Bangladesh. Roughly 4 kilometers away from Lawachara National Park, the 3 acre resort caters to a variety of travelers and holiday-goers who want to get away from the crowd and find shelter in the nature. The resort has its own tea garden placed on the hillocks surrounding the elegant valley. It is outfitted with all the sought after facilities like fully equipped conference room, splendidly equipped indoor sports room, a tasteful outdoor swimming pool, and a fine badminton court.

You can come and visit the bamboo & wooden framed Novem Restaurant, placed delicately in the valley, to fill your appetite. All the structures built inside are of wood, mud, straw and bamboo that are environment friendly. The wooden bridge that connects two hillocks gives you a mesmerizing view of the overall resort. You can take a stroll over the bridge for leisure and to set off to your chosen accommodation. The mud cottage gives you an essence of the peaceful rural Bangladesh. Furnished and blended in urban comforts, it has its very own adjoining swimming pool.


Swimming- All our in-house guests can avail swimming pool as a complimentary benefit. Swimming pool is open from 9 AM to 9 PM.

Car Parking

Car Parking- No hassles in parking your car, it will be duly taken care of


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Wifi Service

Wifi Service- Enjoy the fastest Wifi service

Room Service

Room Service- Once you enter the resort our room service staffs will be just a call away from you

Indoor Game

Indoor Games- Interested in indoor games? We offer billiards and badminton (charges applied).

Airport Transport

Airport Transport- We do provide Airport pick/drop services. (Charges applied)

Business Facility

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Restaurant- You don’t need to go out for your meals, Novem restaurant will serve you fresh & home-made food to fill your appetite.


Cycling- Are you into cycling? You can take a cycle to invade the roads through the greeneries (charges applied).

Conference Room

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Laundry Service

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আপনার সন্তুষ্টি ই আমাদের কাম‍্য তাই অর্ডার করতে পারেন নিশ্চিতে আমাদের কাছে।

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প্রত্যেক অতিথিকে স্বাস্থ্যবিধি মেনে চলতে হবে এবং অবশ্যই মাস্ক পরিধান করতে হবে। কটেজের বাইরে ঘুরাফেরার সময় স্থানীয় জনগণের সাথে সামাজিক দূরত্ব বজায় রাখতে হবে।

আমরা আমাদের অতিথিদের স্বাস্থ্যসহ সার্বিক নিরাপত্তায় সর্বোচ্চ সচেতন।

সাজেকে আপনার ভ্রমণ আনন্দময় করতে মেঘকাব্য হিলটপ কটেজ আপনাকে জানাচ্ছে সাদর অামন্ত্রন।

বুকিং নাম্বার: +8801852292688


কুয়াশাছন্ন সা‌জেক, মেঘ ধরার সূবর্ণ সময় হা‌তের মু‌ঠোয় । সা‌জে‌কের সৌন্দর্য্যর শুরু অা‌ছে শেষ নেই : হিমাচল রি‌সোর্ট এ অাপনা‌দের স্বাগতম :

We are ready to give you hospitality. ?

Make your Sajek experience memorable with the most gorgeous interior of entire Sajek!

Welcome To Fantasy Hotel & Resort

Luxury Resort & Rooms

Fantasy Hotel & Resort is a magnificent business-class hotel, ideally located at Delpara, St. Martin’s Island. The hotel is not far from St. Martin’s Island Ship port. Fantasy Hotel & Resort provides a comfortable setting while in St. Martin’s Island. It has 100 varieties of rooms including suites. Our special square feet Luxury rooms are some of the most spacious guest rooms in St. Martin Island. Fantasy Hotel & Resort has guest rooms are designed for your personal reservation, ensuring that you will leave feeling better than when you arrived in our hotel.

All room are provided with high speed internet connection along with dedicated port for laptop, in room safe, satellite TV with 50+ channels and working desk. Every room offers a unique ambiance and facilities such as LCD television, High Speed Internet Access, dual line telephone and a bathroom with a separate bath and shower.

Our hotel also offers extensive facilities and extra privileges including personal butler’s service and a private VIP lounge. The hotel is equipped with safety and security equipment device including fire and smoke detector, water sprinkler, electronics door locks and CCTV surveillance.

The other necessary parts of the Hotel Fantasy are:

A restaurant, A cozy juice Bar with Western cuisine offering western delicacy. Featuring pastas, roast chicken, Salads, Steaks, fish and of course Sizzler.

Coral View Resort Founded in 2012 by Bangladesh Navy in the Forward Naval Base, St. Martin Island, Cox’s Bazar.It is the top ranked Resort in St. Martin Island with all the standard services and facilities for its customers.

Today it is run by appitor Enterprise, which is one the most promising Tourism, Event Management and Hospitality Service providing Company in Bangladesh.If you’re looking for beautiful surroundings, nature, and total relaxation, you’ll find it here at Coral View Resort, located in Forward base Bangladesh Navy Saint Martin. Relax in a hammock by the ocean, spend the day trekking through the island, enjoy a day of fishing, bicycle ride or touring. We have a genuine tropical vacation waiting for you.

This is an Official page of this particular hotel. People come in this island for the heart stabbing beauty of here and if you have already experienced it then no words are descriptive for you. This hotel is located just beside the Coral beach (or Kona Para beach). We give our best for you, so we need you to do best, therefore please contact today and get the most out of St. Martin’s Island.

If you’re interested at us:

Please inbox us at our official page, or

contact us – +8801715316561, or

email us at

Construction is going on for our website.

Facilities: 24 hours generator, Single bed rooms(normal suit/honeymoon suit), Double bed rooms, Only English commode available.

Price Range: Starting from Tk.2875 depending on seasons and special occasions

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