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Instant Verified Maid Service in Dhaka

HelloTask is one and only on demand assistance service in Bangladesh. We are the first ever company that provides house maids on demand at your doorstep through mobile application.

Your maid hasn’t showed up today? Or you don’t have any maid? Or worried about safety? HelloTask is here for you. Just one tap on your mobile app can bring a smart, skilled and professional verified maid at your service just like Aladin’s amazing lamp. You even don’t need to pay for work basis. You can have her cook, clean or wash whatever you want her to do for you. All we count is time. Bill is made based on how much time a maid works at your service.


-Instant Maid (Pay as you go)



-App based service

-Easy refund policy

-Safety and Security ensured with proper verification and training of maids

-Exciting offers and promo codes

-User friendly application


– See estimated bills/salary before requesting a maid

– See your maid’s profile with their skill, user review and rating

– Refer to others to get discounts

– Apply promo codes for discount

– Service history with detail invoice, your review and rating

Please contact us for further query.

We are always excited to hear from you. For any query, feedback or concerns please mail us at

[email protected]

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If you are looking for a Housemaid Support At Home company in Dhaka .you come to the right places. Patient Home Care provides one of the best Housemaid Support At Home In Dhaka. Patient Home Care is a firm believer in improving patients’ lives.

And we embody our beliefs by delivering Housemaid Support At Home of the best quality. We have emerged as one of the prominent.

Housemaid Support At Home in Dhaka

Manpower and housemaid agency is a new concept in Bangladesh. Patient Home Care is providing Housemaid Support At Home In Dhaka. It aims to make your life more comfortable.

Household chores are never-ending. It is close to impossible to maintain a household if you are working. Having a domestic helper will save you tons of time. You can devote that time to work or more quality time with family.

At present, Bangladesh is going through a social and economical transition. Almost everyone in the family is working. The present lifestyle has made domestic helpers more demanding than ever. The majority of the households are either complaining about having unreliable housemaids or looking for one.

At the same time, we see that there are many jobless people all around Bangladesh. Due to a lack of communication and distance, they remain unemployed. So we thought of bringing the two parties together on a platform.

Patient Home Care is the platform where you can look for Housemaid Support At Home In Dhaka with details and information.

A Housemaid or houseboy helps you in

We have a wide selection of domestic workers. Everyone is above 18 and well experienced.

We provide all sorts of assistance such as Cook, Cleaner, Baby Care, Old Care, Patient Care, Babyment, Security Guard, Driver, etc.

You can avail maid services for following options

Part-time Maid- Choose a timing that suits your schedule. The maid will work for 6 hours.

Full-time Maid- The helper will be on duty for 12 hours at day time and leave by evening.

Live-in Maid – It is a 24/7 job. This means the maid will remain at your house all the time and will live with you.

Be it part-time or live in service, this is where you can find a certified and trustworthy maid in Bangladesh.

Why Patient Home Care BD? How is it different from normal maid hiring?

We provide certified maids of all types. You get to choose the right candidate after detailed background checking and interviewing.

Bangladesh Housemaid Agency aims at finding the right candidate for your needs.

Firstly having a maid will take off a huge pressure. Be it elderly care or cook, it will give you enough time to focus on other important things.

Having a caretaker is not enough. There are risks of theft and other unwanted incidents.

Worry not! This is where we stand out. We ensure both the client and the helper’s rights.

Here is how we do it

  1. Along with necessary documents, you and the maid both sign a contract for a specific time period.
  2. To check the candidate’s background and prevent theft, we contact local chairmen.
  3. We present the candidate’s CV, references, and double-check if they have any criminal records.
  4. To ensure the maid’s rights, we take proper execution to prevent domestic torture and ill behaviors.
  5. Should any unwanted incident happen, we arrange for replacement or transfer.
  6. Providing clients the most preferred candidate.

আশা মেইড এজেন্সী

এই প্রতিষ্ঠানে অবসর প্রাপ্ত সেনা সদস্য দ্বারা পরিচালিত ।

About Us

In 2007, entrepreneur Atiqur Rahman brought Asha Maid to give busy Bangladesh homeowners a reliable, professional, affordable solution to messy and dirty houses.

Today, there are more than 30000 individual worker Asha Maid cleaning service operating across the Bangladesh. Last year, we performed 20000 cleaning services, 90 percent of which were for repeat customers.

Bangladesh workers are among the most productive in the entire world and have been for decades. Dual-income families are a fixture and so are work weeks and commutes that stretch beyond 40 hours into nights and weekends. Kids have homework, practice, rehearsals, sports meets, and a variety of other activities that require many parents to spend even more time out of the house.


Leading Maid Service Provider for Last 12 Years

Our Services


House Maid

We provide maid service by our Expert, Trained, Verified maid. We will take liability if anything unwanted happened.



Hire a Aya from us for taking care of your child or old parents who are not capable to take care of himself.


Patient Care

Sometimes you may need to take care of your dearest one after taking home from hospital. We are take care of your patient.



If you are font of tasty food or have not enough time to cook food by yourself then call us to hire a cook.


Office boy

Finding a trusted office boy is too hard now a days. That’s why we are here to help you out.



Expert driver is just a single call away. All of our drivers have driving license and experienced in driving

Housemaid: Will perform on the all domestic work like cleaning, dusting, washing etc.

House Keeper: Will supervise the work of the staff / if any staff is absent will help with some work. The worker will however not clean toilets and do moping work under any circumstances.

House Keeper cum Gardener: Boys available for house keeper cum gardener. For that employer has to provide accommodation, water and electricity etc. Sometime couple (husband & wife, brother & sister) available for that job.

JAPA: Japa is a traditional way to look after a neonatal baby (Just born baby) as well as looking after the mother so that both the child and mother maintain good health. Japa period is mainly between 30 days – 45 days but sometimes it can be extended. A lot of physical effort is undertaken by the Japa Maid. In this process lots of herbs/ sands / food grains are normally to be used. It helps to develop the child and the mother too is taken care of and her health too starts improving. If by chance the delivery is delayed do not engage the Japa Maid for any other household work.

NANNY (Baby – 0 to 1 year): A neonatal baby care person who can look after a baby in a modern way or in the way today’s pediatricians suggest. Like sterilization of baby’s belongings / bathing / massaging / burping / make baby sleep / feeding (bottles or spoon feeding) / keep baby’s room clean / washing and ironing baby’s clothes / giving baby regular medicines / taking the baby out and should understand the preliminary health problems of the baby / and is a little knowledgeable to take adequate care.

Child Minder: (Baby: 1 year to 2 years): Taking care of baby / sterilization / can handle baby carefully / feed baby / giving bath / keep baby’s room clean / keeping her belongings clean and as and when parents are around the baby, they can assist in the kitchen as well as small domestic work.

Baby sitter (2 years & above): Taking care of baby /handling baby gently/ looking after all baby related job / accompany the school going baby / helping in the kitchen /helping in small domestic jobs and cooking work etc.

Governess: (Baby 3 to 5 yrs.): Only required if the baby is in a learning process / school going baby / when the baby understands fully the commands / enjoy playing / learning mannerism / story telling / playing piano / out door as well as indoor games. Governess can assist baby to teach all those things apart from taking care of day to day study (home task) accompany the child to birthday parties / the school / swimming classes / tuition classes etc. Her roll in a child’s life will sometimes be like a friend and sometimes as a teacher. She will be responsible for overall accomplishment of the child.

Home Help: (Above 3 yrs.): Taking care of the child and helping in the kitchen work.

Play Maid: (Above 3 yrs.): To accompany with one child and maid will be 18 to 25 years old.

Cook: Cooking (breakfast / launch / snacks/dinner) Washing utensils / keep kitchen clean / keep kitchen appliances cleans (fridge, microwave, mixer, grinder etc.), lay the table and serving foods.

Cook cum domestic help: Cooking (breakfast / lunch / snacks / dinner). Washin utensils / keep kitchen clean / keep kitchen appliances clean (fridge, microwave, mixer, grinder etc),lay the table and serving foods / furniture dusting / folding and unfolding beds / folding washed clothes / if the clothes are machine washed then hanging the clothes out / ironing clothes belonging only to the children.

Cleaner (Non Cook domestic helper): Sweeping/ mopping / washing utensils / furniture dusting / washing clothes (hand wash) hang the clothes out / folding, unfolding of beds / ironing children daily clothes / mopping toilets floors and basins / but not commode, bath tubs etc.

Patient Attendant: – For those patients who can move around, the attendant will help the patient for taking bath / having food accompanying to the toilet / accompany to the garden giving medicines / if required then attendant should be alert at night too. They will cook for the patient / washing clothes / cleaning and dusting and helping in other jobs.

Patient (Bed Ridden): Keep patient always clean to prevent bed sore / prevent rashes / handle shits ( stool & urine) taking bath, helping patient in all aspects and monitoring medicines, food, changing bed linen, changing clothes, keep maintaining diet chart, so that doctor should be informed promptly about patients condition overall.

Old age help: To look after a senior citizen / an old age person in house, to be with her / him, look after all their requirements, accompany them when they need to go outside. Assist them in every aspect as well as helping in the family’s regular domestic work.

Nurses: – A qualified equipped nursing sister, those who are generally working in hospital and nursing home also can provide residential duties for patient attendant and new born baby attendant. They have their qualification certificate with them they are trained enough to look after a serious bed ridden patient.

Have you any interest of our services ? Apply now for getting a service.

Have Any query ? let’s talk: +88 01711-106220, +88 01912-982444.

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Welcome to the Best Maid Service Organization in Dhaka City

We listen to what you are looking for and guide and advise you on the most suitable type of help for you. We carefully match your requirements with the right candidates and won’t waste your time sending you applicants that don’t fit your requirements. We can help you find daily or live in, full or part time help. We offer nationwide coverage. we are able to recruit any type of domestic, care and childcare help that you might require. We advise families on the best type of help for their needs, not just what we are able to provide. So call now for any query : +88 01712-851330.

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